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I'm getting ready to launch my 
If you are ready to take the next step in your fitness journey, get in amazing shape and have fun working out with me, then this is for you!!
Are you ready to find YOUR fit?
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My 6-Week Online Program includes:
 4 Fun and unique virtual video workouts each week
 Meal Planning and Nutrition Coaching
 VIP Access to our private members portal
 Daily accountability, group support, & motivation
 Workouts designed by me and can be done anywhere
 Healthy recipes & snack ideas
 Private VIP members area
 ALL for approx $3 a workout
 AND most of all....  RESULTS!
When we combine the right workout programming, focused nutrition, and accountability with a group environment feel...

AMAZING things can happen!!
As a fitness professional I believe that the foundation of a successful training program is to become progressively stronger with constantly varied functional movements preformed with high-intensity interval training and metabolic resistance training for building muscle, fat loss and improved cardiac conditioning.

You have to get strong first, then everything else falls into place! You build muscle... which burns fat.... and the result from this hard work is you feeling stronger, healthier and happier in all aspects of your life!!!

Fitness is not one size fits all... together we find what best suits your needs and what will yield the best results for you!

Aside from my deep passion for all things heavy and sweaty... Nutrition is a real passion for me.  You know the saying "you can't out work a bad diet?" 
well guys, that is 100% true! 

You can be killing it in the gym, and if you are not killing it in the kitchen then you are really running in circles and will not see the benefits of all your hard work.  Nutrition is 80% of the game.... you cannot ignore your diet. 

I actually hate the word "diet"... no one wants to say... I'm on a diet.  I preach that this is not a diet, but that it is a lifestyle... you are starting a lifestyle that you can easily maintain for the rest of your long happy and healthy life! I would describe my nutritional guidelines as pretty simple...

I don't do anything to special, and I don't avoid a ton of different foods... I don't stress over weighing out my food or counting calories... I just focus on taking in "quality" "real" food! I want you to maximize your workouts by getting the best nutrition and best recovery possible setting you up for future success.

Fitness can be fun!

Setting goals and crushing them is an amazing feeling... a feeling that becomes addicting!  I'm excited to be the person to help you start this journey... a journey of healthy habits, strong self esteem and finding the best version of yourself possible.

Strong is the new Skinny!!


Contact: EmmaGS@Sullysfitcamp.net

"I'm one of those people that put my body and my health on the back burner while I focused on building a strong career. It was great, but after a couple of years in a high-stress industry, there was no denying the damage I was doing to my body. When I decided to make a change, I went to join a gym next to my job and was greeted by Emma on the way in. I'm not entirely sure she knows this, but her energy, enthusiasm, and kindness to an uncomfortable stranger were actually the reason I decided to sign up for personal training. There's never any negativity with her - only positivity, excitement, and solutions to all problems. If you need help getting on track, support from a friend, or just someone to cheer you along - Emma is the perfect fit for you."

~  Clara W.

“In, and outside, of the gym, Emma Sullenberger is a force. Her driven work ethic pushed me as her client and the results have certainly shown; I still use her tips and tricks when working out on my own. When it came to setting goals, and she set them in stone, a custom workout routine was created just for me. She was the perfect energy that endorsed and motivated me to not only meet said goals but exceed them while utilizing her services."

~  Ashtin M.

"Emma has been nothing short of amazing and exceeded all of my expectations.  In our short time working together, Emma has greatly enhanced my quality of life by having provided a superior training platform in tandem  with a positive and challenging environment.  She is deserving of the highest praises and truly brings meaning to the "Personal" in Personal Training."

~  Kevin D. 
Have questions?   Here is a little more detail..
6 week program to help you burn fat & gain strength while getting a toned, lean body!
all workouts can be modified for beginner, intermediate and advanced levels.
Workouts that can be done anywhere at any time! Minimal equipment needed.
Full-length videos that you will follow along.. that's right, with me!! 
Access to private support community where you can ask questions, exchange ideas and most of all keep you motivated!
"Emma is amazing! She spent the time to develop a plan around my specific goals and nutritional needs. As a vegan, provided examples of specific foods that would help leverage my goals around.  Training sessions were creative, tough and motivating. She is knowledgeable about the body and choosing the correct exercises.  Having some knee issues, she knew the appropriate alternative exercises to give me the same benefit and results.  I felt stronger 
each week and more confident working out on my own with the knowledge she imparted along the way.  Not only is she a great trainer she has great inner personal skills, easy to talk with and genuinely cares about your journey.  If you are looking to change your body,  give her a call."

~  Wendy S.

"I’ve had four trainers in the last year including, Emma. None of the others put in as much time and energy as she did to create meal/exercise plans or check my body fat percentage periodically. I still have the plans saved on my phone to keep myself on track to get stronger all thanks to her!"

~  Matt G. 

"Emma was assigned as my personal trainer at Gold's Gym when I first signed up, and I knew from the first time I met her that we were going to get along just great! She is friendly, motivating and holds you accountable to your goals. She tailors the workout to suit you, and always pushes you that one step further than what you thought you were capable of. Emma is not only a great personal trainer, but she has become a great friend."

~  Kiara A. 
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